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Aditya Upadhya of The VLS Workshop - Pioneering Dance through His Upcoming 'Gorgeous Series'


For all you lovely ladies who dance Bachata

kolkata, West bengal Apr 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Viva La Salsa (VLS) has been working since 2005, to create a community of Latin dance enthusiasts in the city of Kolkata, India who dance to keep fit, connect with new friends, and are skilled to perform and teach. Led by Aditya Upadhya, The VLS Workshop is named after Vive la Salsa, one of India’s premier Latin Dance training and performance outfits based in Kolkata. Aditya is now set to expand his creative horizons by creating 3 ‘gorgeous series’ online programs which are nothing but expressions of love and gratitude for all the wonderful girls who love dancing. These programs are Bachata, Rumba, and Mambo Gorgeous and explore the solo dancing aspects of these dances.

Dance is one of the most unadulterated forms of self-expression. Many people hesitate to shake their legs at a social owing to personal hindrances or a lack of skill. Apart from that, many dance enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new methods, styles, and inspiration to improve their versatility. Dance may have an expert instructor guiding them but often, students feel the need for more erudition, training, and of course, communication between the student and the teacher.

There can be strains of pride when it comes to dancing at socials. At socials, it is common to see some ladies only waiting to be asked for a dance. The truth about socials is that most guys will almost always choose only the good dancers or younger counterparts who seem to be a better prospect on the floor without even knowing your level. It is common for some men to outright refuse while some may say they are tired but they immediately ask someone else for a dance. Some accept your offer for a dance but somehow lose the smile on their face, which was gleaming with joy and passion just moments ago with the girl they just danced with. Then there are those who seem to be looking for something or perhaps someone (maybe the next person they want to ask to dance) whilst dancing with you. You may have also come across a guy who was just flaunting his moves with someone 2 minutes ago but assumes you to be incompetent and only sticks to the basics. As a result, you hold a chance of meeting guys for a dance who is one of the following:

  • Absolute beginners – which is great, as you will be the reason why they stuck on with Salsa/Bachata
  • The gropers – the reason why most girls are constantly worried about where they are going to be touched, inappropriately, next rather than enjoying the dance

We can agree that the reason everyone chooses the same people all the time is they are almost always good dancers, regardless of their age. People think that since the dance forms Salsa or Bachata are partnering dances, they need to practice partner work only. But, one needs to make a distinction between becoming a good follow vs becoming a good dancer. While the former requires you to practice social dancing frequently, the latter is a different ball game. This is where “Adi’s Sway Trifecta Method” comes into play featuring the following techniques:

  • Swiftness – a combination of swiftness, and fitness for Salsa and Bachata Dancers
  • Technique Work – drills for spins, body movements, and Latin motion, etc
  • Dance-ploration – exploration in movement, in vocabulary, and in the dance style

With this approach to training, dancing in any Latin style would never be the same for you.

Aditya has been running his dance school alone since 2005 and has mastered both the leader’s part as well as the follower’s, which is far more evolved and nuanced than only learning how to follow. Wowed by the divas they watched on stage during congresses, he received a lot of enthusiastic students who expected him to teach them all of what they saw, every bit of it. As ladies’ styling evolved over the years, Aditya too brushed his skills and improved his creative aura over the years.

Unfortunately, during the pandemic, he lost 90% of his students when his classes went online. He started doing boot camps on Afro-Cuban dances which attracted a lot of pro dancers which worked great initially but was not sustainable. To keep his studio afloat, he took to social media while his team reached out to many people to see if they would like to explore the solo dancing aspect of Salsa and Bachata. They ended up with a completely new lot of students who not surprisingly, were only girls. According to him, girls, artistically, are much more inclined towards these dances than the boys and this bears grim testimony to that. He has been teaching ladies’ styling classes quite regularly for the past two decades but this pandemic time he had to create a program that had to be even more exciting and sustainable so they did not find this ‘online and solo’ format boring. Soon, he ended up having more students online than he had ever had offline.

Bachata Gorgeous is releasing on April 20th, 2021 followed by Rumba and Mambo Gorgeous. Positive feedback includes how these online dance classes have caused the most improvement students have seen in their dancing, to how it has helped cope with stress during the pandemic, to sheer excitement. Each of these programs is unlike anything that’s out there or that you have experienced before.

The VLS Workshop launch was the first event of their tenth-anniversary celebrations and is a testimony to the company’s commitment to expanding and furthering the dance, fitness, and creative arts fraternity in India. The studio space is available for a gamut of various recreational activities such as dance, yoga, fitness, martial arts, book readings, launches, talks, small meetings, photoshoots, concept events, exhibitions, music, and theatre programs among others. They offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons in Kizomba, Bachata, Salsa, and Afro-Cuban.

For online dance courses, visit www.bachatagorgeous.com and Kizomba-Online.com. For more information about The VLS Workshop, visit their official website at https://www.thevlsworkshop.com/.

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