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"HardTimes" by Baby-R Will Give You Motivation to Never Give Up.


New Music by Baby-R

Orlando, Florida Apr 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) –    It is difficult to keep on an editorial, journalistic path when you get introduced to an artist like Baby-R. You naturally want to not only spread the word of the emcess’ new single, “Hardtimes,” you also just want to indulge yourself in the Brooklyn-born’s music. Now residing in Orlando, where he continues to release soulful tracks. Take a listen to some other tracks by the artist and was not disappointed. It is rare to find all heartfelt music in an artist catalog. Sometimes you just want to hear songs that are so heartfelt, you want to pick yourself up out of your current situation. Not only do we want to hear more, but we also want others to get to know him better too. Below is a little more Information about Baby-R:

 When you hear music like Rod Wave, Usher, and other similar musical artists, usually your mixed emotions come over you. Baby R has added another sense to the phrase, “singing through the pain.” Baby R has an expressive, agreeable, soulful, and modern sound. Baby R’s music cures a Hip Hop/Pop fix. The entire Hip hop world needs reassurance that they are not going through dark times alone. At the age of 30 and coming from what is said to be the birthplace of Hip Hop, Brooklyn, NY. This alone says a lot about the emcees’ passion that bleeds through his music. Music greatness seems to be in his blood. The touching lyrics of such songs “All My Wrongs,” will give some a refreshing outlook during the tiring times. For those looking for lyrical emcees, Baby R should be one of your top go-to for music.

If for one second, any of Baby R’s music is too deep it may be because his approach is like none other.  Due to his love for music, the emcee is able to express joy, loyalty, and trust all in one track. Baby R is a melodic writer hailed by his fans as timeless. He takes his Fearless, Gravitating Distinction to another level with, “Hard Times.” The song just reassures you, that everything will be ok.  Baby R truly believes his music reaches the heart, soul, brings out emotions and truth that will get a listener to think. Always intense and always eager to share his enthusiasm for his craft, every track Baby-R writes speaks for itself.

When Baby R is not being very busy and sought after, Baby R can be found indulging himself in things that will change the lives of those that influence and support his vision. Spending time with his kids and family is a big part of the emcee’s life. With the support of friends and family, he managed to break into the independent music scene. Only being in the industry for a short amount of time since November 2019, his lyrics are mature. If you have not checked out “Superman,” go ahead and do so now. You will see what makes Baby R different. Always creating content with the intent to change, versus clout, unlike many artists out now. Being an eccentric emcee has landed Baby R some notable achievements. He has been featured in Stardom 101 Magazine and Buzz Music Magazine. Everyone must attend and experience Baby R’s melodic flavor on their own. The internet and social media can misconstrue ones’ influence on music. So go to your favorite streaming site and blast Baby R now.


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